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HP Compaq nx7400

by Lalhmunliani Mathews
(Batam, Raiu, Indonesia)

HP Compaq nx7400

HP Compaq nx7400

Having owned several brands like DELL, Toshiba, ACER, Fujitsu, I always find HP to be reliable and better built.

HP does not compromise on the peripherals, like sound card, speakers, graphic card and keyboard they are always better than the rest of the brand on the market. Overall HP always provides a better built quality laptop.

My biggest reason to purchase HP is the after sales service quality. As I have tried all the other brands after sales service and HP out-beats all of them. Be it an operating system issue or a hardware issue. HP would only replace the parts with brand new hardware and new operating systems CDs. Many other brands just use refurbished parts and after a few months, they need to replace them again.

At my work place, I manage over a 100 different brands of desktop and laptops and always find HP's service the best.

Although, my HP Compaq nx7400 laptop came with a 1 GB RAM, 100GB hard drive, I went ahead, and added additional 1GB of RAM and an extra large battery that easily gives me over 10 hours of battery power and this is the longest battery life I have experienced.

The processor speed is average and not as fast as the rest. However, I think for general-purpose use it is sufficient.

The worst part of my laptop is that HP does not simple replace any part easily until they have tried all the options to rectify the problem. For example, Dell may take two days to replace a hardware part HP may take four days. However, it always worth the extra waiting time, because I know for user I will not have to call their call center again.

HP laptops are slightly more expensive than the rest on the market that have the exact same processor, RAM, Hard Drive, graphics and memory.
I always recommend to friends and colleagues at work to purchase HP laptops than other brands. Since the market changes so quickly, I would always suggest a similar or higher model to friends.

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