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HP Compaq Presario CQ10

by Nylesor
(Los Angeles, CA)

HP Compaq Presario

HP Compaq Presario

I currently purchased a 15.6" HP Compaq Presario CQ10, black color with silver edge on the keyboard. It is very stylish and comfortable to work with. I can easily detect a wifi signal and the battery stays longer than I have expected.

The sound was clear and the video output is great. Sometimes, I attach it to an LCD specially when I use it during my class discussion or presentation. I don't find any problem regarding its use because its very user friendly.

The keypad serves me well, it is easy to use with just one soft-touch. And the Webcam? my hubby really thinks I become more beautiful every time we

The specification of my HP Compaq are the following: the memory is 3GB DDR2 which is expandable up to 4 GB, the hard drive is 1G and the OS is Windows 7.

At first, I had a problem on the display because there were lines that constantly appeared on screen. Aside from that, the Bluetooth cannot detect any signal so I was not able to use it. I went back to the store where I bought the item then after running an inspection on the product, they gave me a new one with the same specs, color and model.

Right now, I am planning to put some skin to make it look feminine. I don't have any complain and I still comfortably work on Photo editing, Web surfing, Web designing and more. I can even download and upload plenty of images and easily edit them without any difficulty because of the big, clear and bright screen. The battery is still good and I can say I can really count on it.

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