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HP Mini

by Andrew
(Lehi, Utah, USA)

We originally purchased this laptop for a vacation trip to the UK from the United States. It's size and cost were the two main reasons for the purchase over other models we looked at. It came with 1 gig of Ram, a 1.6 ghz Intel Atom processor, a 60 gig hard drive.

It lacks a floppy or CD-ROM drive but 2 USB ports and an SD card reader. It also contains a small built in web camera. The best thing about this model is the size and the cost. For under $400.00 we were able to backup our images, update our blog, and post images while on vacation without taking up much room in our luggage.

The worst thing about the laptop is the resolution of the screen. Being such a small laptop it's a little small offering only 1024x600 resolution.

The best items of this laptop were the built in camera that we used for keeping in touch with our kids and generous hard drive space.

Keyboard was decent in size and took a little bit of time getting use to but worked well. While the touch pad worked fine we decided to bring a mouse along simply because we like a mouse better.

For the cost and performance this computer really can't be beat. It's quick, and it does the job.

We've already recommended this laptop to students and friends who need to travel and stay connected. The built in wireless was another plus.

When travelling we also carry along a small USB 500 GIG hard drive. We used this to store movies and our pictures while travelling. The HP Mini then allowed us to easily copy pictures from our SD cards to the external drive for backup and storage.

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