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HP Pavilion dv6- 1334us

by Isha Goel
(San Diego, CA, USA)

 HP Pavilion dv6- 1334us front view

HP Pavilion dv6- 1334us front view

The model number for my laptop is: HP Pavilion dv6- 1334us

This is a Windows 7 64 Bit Home Edition operating system with a 15'4 inches LED screen, 4 GB RAM, and 320 GB Hard drive.

It has a Pentium Dual core T4300 processor.
I got this during the thanksgiving black Friday sale from Staples.

It is very cheap (due to the deal I hit as told above) and super in quality.
I like the following things about my HP laptop:
- It is stylish in design and look.

- The smooth feel and texture of the laptop keyboard area.

- It is easy to use on Windows 7 64 bit. (At start I had reserves about how it will work as I had bad experience with Vista OS)

- They created a recovery partition to facilitate the recovery of the laptop.

There are good and bad things about the above which I think as below:
- Good thing is that you need not carry the installation disk anymore.

- Bad thing is that in case the hard drive crashes, I will lose all my recovery partition as well.

I would like to mention about the software it came with:

It came with trial of
- MS Office 2007
- Norton Anti-virus for 60 days
- Norton Recovery backup

This was my first laptop from HP. After getting this laptop I have already purchases 2 more HP laptops for my family use.

One of them was Gift and other one was for personal use. They are also good in quality, so HP is now a recommended brand in my home space.

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