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HP Pavilion dv6000 Review

by Trevor

Actually, I did not personally choose this computer but I got it as a birthday gift from my parents but I had suggested buying this one.

My laptop has 111 GB hard drive, 960 MB RAM, 1.61GHz and a 256 MB video card.

I think the best thing about the laptop is, that it has a widescreen. That makes playing games and watching videos a lot more enjoyable. Another huge upside is the WiFi receiver - I have never in my life seen as good receiver as this one has.

Even right now I'm using this free WiFi that comes from miles away - other laptops I have tried here haven't ever caught a signal of that WiFi.

What I absolutely hate is that my computer came with a faulty webcam and somehow my guarantee did not cover it (don't know why) and the reparations would have cost about 100$. A new and better webcam cost about 35$ so I went for it. All in all, the keyboard is fine, light to touch, doesn't add double letters when touching.

Touchpad is also up-to-date, having a really convenient "switch off-on" button, which allows me to avoid annoying mistakes by touching it when I wasn't really using it.

Speakers have a good quality but the volume doesn't get as loud as I would like. In all aspects the computer runs smooth and quickly, except new games. I think that on max graphics you can run games up to year 2000.

From that year forward you have to use lower and lower graphics and, probably games made after since 2007, it doesn't run at all.

I would really recommend this computer for all who want to use it for surfing on internet or watching videos. But if you are keen on loud music or eager on playing new computer games, get another computer or laptop. As far as my future is concerned, I'm definitely going for HP if I'm buying a new computer!

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