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HP Pavilion dv6500

by Michael
(Killeen, TX, USA)

The HP Pavilion dv6500 came with a 140 GB harddrive, 2 GB of RAM, and an AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology 1.9 GHz Processor.

I've had mostly good experiences with this laptop. It runs most programs and games effectively with little lag, except for the more graphically intensive ones being released today.

I've had almost no breakdowns that weren't of my own doing and am largely happy with this purchase. My greatest problem was trying to access audio mixing for the purpose of streaming video online. I had to use a number of workarounds to get the functionality I desired out of this machine.

The speakers are of excellent quality, producing clear sound, and the touchpad is effective where necessary, though I prefer to use a USB mouse where I can.

I've had some problems with the keyboard, mostly in that if I need to hold a key down (say in a game of some sort), the key will stay down for a period, but for a split second stop registering before resuming, enough to cause problems occasionally. Whether this is a problem with the keyboard itself or some odd software issue, it is a bother.

Ultimately, this laptop is very good and I would recommend its purchase to anyone who needs a good, functional, and decently powered computer. I would likely purchase from HP again for their quality product and service.

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