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HP Pavilion dv9913cl

by Razvan
(Zalau, Romania)

I am from Romania, and I`ve just bought a HP Pavilion dv9913cl laptop. It has an 17" monitor, a 320 Gb HDD and 4 Gb DDRAM.

I chose to buy this laptop because you can`t find it anywhere in Romania, and it was purchased from the USA. The first thing I`ve noticed about this laptop is that I didn`t get any CDs with it.

It has a licensed Windows Vista, but it don`t have the CD for it. So if I decide to reinstall the operating system.. the license`s gone.

Another thing that I didn`t like.. is that HP didn`t bother to create XP drivers for this laptop. I contacted HP, and they tell me that the laptop was made exclusively for Windows Vista (bad choice).

Third: as soon as I turned on the laptop, I noticed that the HDD sounds weird.. A new hard-disk should NOT make any noise. Overall.. it works okay, I didn`t have any problems with it, and I especially love the 17" screen (it`s great for games and movies).

The speakers are great.. pretty powerful for a laptop, but there is a problem with the volume button (this is a problem that all HP Pavilion dv9913cl laptops have). If you`re watching a movie, and you press the Vol + or Vol - button.. the laptop freezes. You have to close everything on your desktop from the task manager, or restart it.

The keyboard and the touchpad work just fine. I would rate this laptop as high as 8 out of 10. It has some issues that HP should have worked out before releasing the laptop on the market.

And unfortunately.. I don`t think I would recommend this laptop to anyone. I`m sorry I didn`t get an ASUS.

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