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HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop

by DCRagusa
(London England)

My laptop was a Pavilion Entertainment Laptop that I got for Christmas.

It came with 2GB of RAM, a dual core Intel 2.1GHz processor, 320GB of hard disk space, a dual-layer optical DVD/CD drive, 3 USB ports and a 4GB dedicated graphics card.

The best things were that I had Windows 7, which was a lot faster than XP or Vista. It was slick and easy to use. The setup at the beginning was clear-cut and easy. Gadgets for the desktop are fun (clock and processor/RAM usage).

The bad things were the exceedingly long time for the back-up disc creation, which could have came already done, and the fact that whenever I change the volume settings the screen changed to the desktop.

The keyboard was good (although the fact that it included a keypad made it a bit weird to use). The touchpad is very good, responding to light touches. It can even be turned off when a mouse is being used - which for me is most of the time! The speakers are a bit tinny, but acceptable for the price.

The speed and performance were excellent! I found myself upgrading the settings on my old games and I managed to install old games.

I would recommend it to others and would definitely buy again.

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