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HP Pavilion Laptop Review

by Julie
(Shelburne Falls, MA)

I recently received an HP Laptop as a gift. The model that I was given is an HP Pavilion laptop. The laptop has 4 gigs of memory, and has a 320GB laptop. I was very pleased to receive it.

My absolute favorite thing about the laptop is how fast it is. I am used to not being able to do multiple tasks on a laptop, but this laptop is actually faster then my desktop. I now use it as my main computer.

The worst thing about this laptop is that the battery life is too short. I can't really take it out for extended periods of time because the battery will go dead. It's fine for use around the house, though.

I really like the layout of the keyboard. A lot of keyboards on laptops seem flat, but that isn't a problem with mine.

The touchpad is a little hard to use. Sometimes it isn't responsive. However, this hasn't been a problem for me as I use a mouse with my laptop. I am generally pleased with the speakers on it, but sometimes I wish the volume would go up a little louder.

I have no complaints about my laptop's speed. I think that it's incredible. I'm really pleased with its performance overall. I feel as though all my complaints with it are fairly minor.

I'd definitely recommend an HP Pavilion laptop to a friend. HP has proven to me that they make high quality products, and I would like to buy from them in the future as well. I am very thankful that I was given such a great laptop.

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