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HP Pavilion zd8000

by Borja

This laptop was obtained as a special bank offer, which I'm not exactly regretting in any manner. Featuring 1GB Ram, 3.0GHz from an Intel Pentium 4, and 75 Gigs of Hard Drive Disk Space.

With this laptop I learned several basics of the computer's world, something that only a special laptop like this could hold up. The only problem coming to this series however, is it's own heavy size, which puts it straight into a laptop and a normal desktop personal computer.

The touchpad, sometimes greasy, perfectly follows the movement of my finger, as well as the keyboard being able to be smashed several thousand times per minute.

It took several years to make any visible damage to the keyboard itself by such fast typing speed. Such a nice keyboard, don't you think it? Just as great as the touchpad back in time. The speakers... aren't anything from another world.

This model's set (the one offered on the bank's offer) laptops had several problems, such as overheating or sudden shutdowns, and lasted a bunch of months. However, mine is still alive after 5 years - so I would say it is no "Everyday-Anywhere" laptop. It just can go as smooth as you treat it.

Whether I would recommend this laptop or not, would depend on time.

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