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HP Pavillion dv6000

HP Pavillion dv6000

HP Pavillion dv6000

I purchased my laptop around 3 years ago, at that time I was interested in buying a MAC PC. I loved the fact that how slim and light the MACs are and the little built-in camera is all I wanted.

When I went to the store to pick out a laptop I ended up buying the HP Pavilion, I was not comfortable with the idea of learning how to use a MAC at this time. My laptop came with an awesome 1.2MP built-in web cam. 298gb of hard drive space, over 3 years I only managed to use up 28gb. I used my laptop for college and soon learned how heavy it really was.

It was very nice to be able to surf the web between classes and watch videos online. I love the quick launch buttons to play movies and music. Although so far my review has been very positive, my experience with my laptop has not been.

In the first 2 years of ownership computer's hard drive, motherboard, and even the wireless card had to be replaced. Thank goodness for Best Buy's insurance. Otherwise, the keyboard is easy to use, love the touch pad and the lock feature. Speakers are very weak and are never loud enough. Over the years my laptop has slowed and I have to restart it several times a day, so if I had to rate it's performance its not on a passing level.

I will not recommend this brand to anyone else, I believe I have a bad and unusual experience with the brand. I would be afraid to purchase another laptop from HP. I believe I got a bad lemon on my hands.

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