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HP Pavillion DV9011

by Rich
(Glastonbury CT 06033 USA)

I bought this laptop, the HP Pavillion DV9011, a few years ago and was looking for a wide screen, Pentium dual core and media center and this laptop was the best one available at the time.

My HP Dv9011 has a dual core T5500, 2 gigs of memory and I think around 200 gigs of hard drive storage. It also has Vista Media center with an HP TV Tuner card that I absolutely love. It has light scribe with a DVD burner and a decent video card and sound card.

The best thing about my laptop is the ability to use it for media. I use this laptop for media all the time and I use it as a DVR with hooked up to my TV with an s-cable. It has been working for the last 3 or 4 years almost non stop without a problem.

The worst thing about the laptop is the operating system which is Windows Vista. It has some great qualities but overall it is very unstable and I have seen the bluescreen of death many times. In addition the laptop runs very hot and probably would have burned up along time ago if I didn't have a huge fan blowing on it constantly.

The keyboard and other peripherals are perfect if you ask me. The keyboard is wide and even has the number board area. The built in speaker is actually decent when compared with other laptops but I have this laptop plugged into a 5 speaker system and the built in sound card is awesome.

Performance is decent but I would have liked a faster processor. It does work perfectly for video but can get bogged down a bit when multi tasking. This system has plenty of power for basic functions but I would not use it for heavy video editing or anything really processor intensive. I have used it for gaming and was actually surprised at how well it did so maybe I am just being a bit too hard on it.

Because I have had this laptop for so long and because it has been running virtually 24/7 for nearly that whole time I would not hesitate to suggest this model to anyone. HP has an awesome service department as well because I did replace the TV Tuner card. They sent me a new one without even having me send the old one back. Great service and a great laptop!

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