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HP TouchSmart tx2-1370us

by Jenny
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

HP TouchSmart tx2-1370us

HP TouchSmart tx2-1370us

I have an HP TouchSmart tx2-1370. I've had this laptop for about 9 months, and I'm mostly happy.

The fingerprint "scanner" is very sensitive so if I were to use it, I'd have to "scan" my finger probably 10 times before it would work. I've almost lost the stylus a few times because it sometimes will "unclick" itself and fall out (most of the time this happens in airline security.)

Just the other day the charger got bent in traveling and I had to buy another. Also, occasionally the CD drive will pop out of place. The computer is a little squeaky when I type from my wrists pressing down on it. I love watching movies on the screen when I can turn it around. Makes it much more comfortable!

Altogether this was a great computer, given to me as a gift. Few problems, but I probably would have bought a Mac if I had spent this amount of money on a new laptop. Screen is a little difficult to clean when the computer is on since you’ll end up pressing buttons everywhere! Occasionally others and sometimes myself will forget it is a touchscreen and accidentally click something with a finger when pointing.

I wish the touchpad (mouse) was bigger. Also, doesn’t have an component cable outlet (I think that’s what it is called) like my other computer had so I cannot push my screen to a TV without purchasing other cords. Battery life is decent so far. Volume isn’t very loud.

I like how you can press a button on the side and the screen will rotate so I can have the direction any way I want.

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