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Inspiron 1470

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1470 from Best Buy sometime in Dec. 2009.

Soon after, one of the keys popped up and was replaced by Dell through the mail where I had to remove the old keyboard and replace it myself.

Keep in mind, that I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t have any instructions on how to do it.

At the end of March while I was doing homework, the laptop crashed. I contacted Dell who sent me out a box (label provided) to return the laptop to be repaired. I immediately took the computer and the box to a drop-off location (what they suggested).

About a week later (first week of April), I called Dell to check the status and they said that the computer was still being worked on. I called about two weeks later and this time they said that they haven’t received it yet. I called several times after that, and each time I called I had to tell the story from the beginning.

I asked them how come they don’t keep notations in my record so I won’t have to go through this every time I call and they all claimed that they do. After attempting to track the package by myself and Dell, it was discovered that the tracking number that was sent with the box was from Dell to another customer in another city in 2009.

They then told me to call FedEx to help track it and they had the same info from 2009. FedEx did not take fault for this and I refused to.

After calling several more times, explaining myself all over AGAIN, being left on hold for hours, waiting 5-6 business days for someone to call me back, Dell FINALLY sent me out a REFURBISHED replacement in early May because I had just past the 90 day mark to receive a NEW replacement.

I called Dell to let them know that the specs were not the same, but I could not be helped because the replacement’s service tag # was not attached to my account (this was after she asked me if I had sent the original back and telling the whole story again).

When the service rep tried to attach the service tag # she said that I had to call back because she couldn’t do it at that time. I have yet to call back because of the hassle.

Two weeks with the refurbished laptop, I have received letters, emails and phone calls to return the original because they have not received it yet. Are you kidding me?!

It is now June and the last message I received was a threatening message that I will no longer be able to receive help until I return it. First of all, Dell HAS NOT helped me, has NEVER helped me, and this whole laptop situation was a horrible experience and very time consuming and I will NEVER buy another Dell or refer them to a friend!

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