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by Melissa
(Clifton Heights, PA, USA)

I absolutely love my laptop. I shopped around for sometime before making my purchase and only stumbled across the Asus K501 when I was at Best Buy.

It just caught my attention, not only is it a very attractive design but it also had all the specks that I wanted. It has 3gbs of memory and a 320gb hard drive.

It was extremely reasonably priced. I have had it for about a month now and the only complaint that I have is that the speakers could be a little louder.

The keypad is very comfortable and the touchpad is very convenient even though it can be a little sensitive. I was also pleasantly surprised by the layout of the desktop and the programs. The preloaded backgrounds and themes were very interested and unlike anything I have ever seen before on a computer.

It is very fast and I have yet to have a delay on anything that I have done. I would definitely recommend this laptop to everyone and have actually recommended it to a few people already.

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