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I've always been a PC person, but when I entered the design field, I finally caved and got a Mac. I was very unsure how to use it when I first got it, but as I learned, it's so much nicer than having a PC. The keyboard shortcuts are wonderful and much better than on a PC.

I love how Macs look and how they run - how quickly they start up in particular. I never used to like having to restart or shutdown my PC, but with a Mac, it takes 30 seconds, if that! I love the keyboard and how the keys are grounded and I can't pull them off nearly as easily as on my old PCs that I used to have.

The touchpad is great too - it's not too sensitive, but sensitive enough for when I want to click something just by touching.

The speakers are awesome on this model too - one reason I always liked PC's better is because Mac speakers were never very good, but the sound level on mine is great for watching movies and television with friends.

I would definitely recommend this laptop to a friend and I love Apple. I think it's a wonderful company and they always come out with the coolest products!

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