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Macbook Pro

by Benny

I was given this laptop as a college graduation present. I had requested it as I enjoy working with image and video editing software and I knew Macs had a good reputation for working with those programs.

The best things about this laptop are the ease of use, the customizability of the trackpad, and it just looks great, with a light-up keyboard that is handy when you're working at night. The keyboard is great, very quiet and responsive, and the keys are placed perfectly that debris is not always falling under the keys.

The touchpad is innovative but easy to use and adapt to, although at times it will scroll or zoom in when I'm not expecting it to.

This is more a result of my forgetfulness on my settings than anything else. The speakers have a good, clean sound, but do not go up as loudly in volume as I would like. Speed-wise, the computer is very fast, and while on occasion I have problems with specific programs freezing, I have yet to experience an all out melt-down like I would get with a PC.

I would definitely recommend this computer to a friend, and would buy from Apple again if it was in my price range - that is my only complaint about Apple computers.

With a PC, you can get a similar computer or laptop for much cheaper, but without the functionality, safety, and ease of use you get from an Apple laptop.

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