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by Phil

I chose the Macbook as I liked the style and what it is capable of. It has a 1GB memory, 160 GB Hard drive and 2GHz processor speed.

What I like best about the laptop is that it is so easy to use. It runs smoothly and it is very hard for a Macbook to pick up a virus. However, I have had to replace the battery a few times over the years. It has run out and does not work without the power adaptor.

The keyboard is very ergonomically friendly and feels really nice to type with. The touchpad is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. However, the speakers aren't as loud as other laptop speakers. I would rate the speed and performance of this laptop very good.

I have not had problems with its speed or performance before. It starts up and closes down quickly and loads applications very quickly.

I would certainly recommend this laptop to a friend and would buy from Apple again. I have several apple products and none have failed to please me yet.

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