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Pavilion dv4

by peter

The reason I decided to get this laptop is because my brother had bought a laptop from HP before. He knows more about computers than I do, and my old Dell laptop was getting way too slow and old for my needs.

My computer came with 4.00 GB of memory, 221 GB on my Hard drive, a 2 GHz intel core duo processor
64 bit Windows Vista Operating system. I have not added or changed anything about it since.

I personally love this laptop, and I was very happy when I got it. It has worked great, with no crashes or system problems.

The look of the laptop is very nice and modern, and the volume/play/quickplay controls are very convenient and cool. One thing that I have noticed about my laptop is that over time it has become hotter quicker, and the computer itself can get pretty loud. Also, because the computer is pretty reflective, fingerprints tend to show easily (although that doesn't bother me haha.)

The keyboard, touchpad and speakers all work great. The speakers themselves can range from very quiet to incredibly loud, louder than any of my roommates macs. All three items get a 10 out of 10.

The speed and performance of the laptop was great from the moment I turned it on. It slows down a bit when I run large programs all at the same time (photoshop, auto cad and illustrator, with a little firefox on the side are the usual suspects.) but that's to be expected.

I would have definitely recommended this specific model for a friend a couple years ago, but now I suspect that HP has come out with newer models of this line. And yes, I will definitely continue to buy from HP!

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