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Sony Vaio F Series

I own a Sony Vaio F series laptop. It is a gaming laptop because I love to play games on my computer and when you have a computer built for gaming it is great for everything else.

The specs for my computer are:

windows vista
16.4" screen
8GM ram
640GB hard drive
1GB Nvidia graphics card.

The best thing about my laptop is that it is fast and does everything that I need it to easy and quickly.

The one thing that I don't like about my computer is that I couldn't get it to come with windows XP, but that is a minor problem. I can deal with that because as I stated above it does everything that I need it to and more.

The keyboard for the computer is great and fits well for what I use it for. Considering I use the computer for gaming I don't use the touchpad very often because I use a normal mouse so I can't review that.

The speakers are great that are on it but I mostly have a headset plugged in. Speed and performance of my computer is top of the line. When others in the game I play complain of lag I can sit there and say I don't have any because my comp is built to handle harsh graphics and has a great intel processor.

I will buy from Sony again in the future when I need another computer and I have recommended Sony to my friends and one of them bought one and is just as happy with his.

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