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by Judy

I own a Frosty Silver Sony Vaio T VGN-T17GP/S Laptop, Intel Pentium M Processor ULV 733 (1.10 GHz), Centrino Mobile Technology, 1GB Memory, DVD +- RW Drive, 10.6" Clear Bright LCD, 30 GB Hard Drive, wireless LAN, one touch DVD movie playback, enhanced audio enjoyment with a sound effect button.

The best things about this laptop is that it is very light, small and at the same time powerful, I bought it in 1994 and without buying any upgrades it has probed in the field that still is better in performance and reliability than even other brand new computers.

The worst thing about this laptop is that the hard drive cannot be upgraded. Six years ago a 30GB hard drive, was considered a redundant storage space, but now it is insufficient.

An external drive is now required for storing large quantities of heavy videos, music and photos.

Anyway, in my decades of experience buying computers since I bought my first green and black screen one, I can say for sure, it is the first time a computer stays so many years in my hands without having to upgrade and feel sorry for not having bought another type.

The keyboard is extremely comfortable and typing is very smooth even feels soft, with a very precise touchpad. Has internal speakers and buttons for volume and to play/stop, select music as a DVD player. You can also plug in external speakers, and it will become a fine music player. It is a great piece of equipment for handling and playing music and video.

The laptop is extremely fast even with several heavy programs running at the same time. Has probed high performance and reliability.

I would recommend this laptop to a friend and for sure buy from Sony again!

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