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Sony Vaio With Intel Duo Core Processor

by Mallory
(Owen Sound, ON, Canada)

My Sony Vaio has an Intel Duo Core processor, 2038 MB of RAM and a 32-Bit operating system.

For the most part I enjoy my Vaio. I love the color (dark blue) as well as the other available colors.

The keyboard is nice and easy to work with and the touch pad is just the right sensitivity. The speakers are fairly average for a laptop and they are fine for me, except sometimes I don't get any sound at all. Sometimes when I press my volume buttons, nothing happens, and then the next minute they will be working fine.

The speed and performance of my Vaio is where I would like to see the most improvements. I find that it runs very slowly when it comes to little things like games on Facebook.

It heats up very quickly when I play these types of small games and I have to take a break to let it cool off. Sometimes it gets so hot that it burns to the touch.

All in all, I like my Sony Vaio. I would recommend it to a friend, but I would advise them to get one with a larger HD or more RAM, as I think this might help the performance.

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