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Sony Vaio

by santosh
(hyderabad, Andhra pradesh, india.)

I just recently bought the Sony Vaio to my home.
At first I say that, one who wants to buy a notebook then you can easily go for the Sony Vaio, as the brand name Sony has a very good name in the electronic market, this Sony Vaio increases it definitely.

My notebook has the memory(hard disk) of 320GB and RAM is of 2GB. The mother board is Intel original and the processor Intel core 2 duo, with 14 inches display, good camera, Bluetooth and wi-fi.

There are many best things in my notebook. I can't say it in a single paragraph. One of them is, the speed of the processor is very high, and there are no problems regarding the operating system. The screen is very bright and the camera was awesome that can take a good picture clarity image.

But there is only the worst thing, it is more sensitive and the loud speakers are not so built in. This caused it to not have as good of sound quality as I may like, as I frequently like to watch videos on my laptops.

The keyboard and touch pad can be rated very high compared to other brands.

I rate my laptop 9 on the scale of 10.
Yes, I definitely recommend this laptop to a friend, and my next product will be a Sony!

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