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Sony Vaio

by Kumaran
(Bellevue, WA, US)

I bought this laptop 2 years and ago and I am pleased with the product because I use it for high-end audio/video recording purposes.

In fact some of the exclusive software makes it ideal for recording music, photo editing, and all around multimedia use. I have also found it interesting compared to my previous Dell laptop in terms of it quality, fast machines boasting cutting edge performance and stylish build quality.

Sony are not renowned for releasing cheap laptops, but rather for pushing the boundaries of multimedia technology.

Many of their new offerings boast fingerprint sensors and core duo processors, and all share the inimitable Vaio logo. As I have always loved Sony products from TV (Bravia) to cameras, I decided to buy my laptop. It works like a champ.

The keyboard is quite big enough for my fingers to place as opposed to tiny ones where I'd have to squeeze my fingers to type emails.

One thing I noticed was some of the drivers were not working for Windows Vista and I had to manually install them to make some of the applications work.

Recently, I installed Windows 7 and now it has been working as if there wasn't any problems. I would recommend this any time to my friends.

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