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Sony VGN-FS790 Review

by Richard B.
(Portland, OR, USA)

What is the brand model of your laptop?

My laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-FS790

What specs (memory, hard drive, etc.) did your laptop come with, if known?

The specs that my laptop came with are Windows XP operating system, 512MB of RAM memory, Intel Pentium M processor with 1.86 GHz, and 120 GB of hard drive space.

What are the best and worst things about your laptop?

The best thing about my laptop is the good screen size and quality. I am able to clearly view any assignments on my computer as well as movies and videos. I also like that the laptop is designed in a sleek design that allows me to carry it around easily.

The worst thing about my laptop is the small amount of RAM that it came with. This is because in order to upgrade to Windows 7, I had to install more RAM manually. I also don’t particularly like the white/grey color as it is easy to trace stains.

How would you rate the keyboard, touchpad, and speakers?

I would rate the keyboard, touchpad, and speakers all high. They have never failed me and are easy to use. The touchpad is responsive and the speaker’s project great sound.

How would you rate your laptop's speed and performance?

I would rate my laptop's speed and performance a little better than average. I have never had major problems with speed or performance; however I have used faster laptops in my experiences as well. This laptop gets the job done efficiently and is not a bad computer as far as performance.

Would you recommend this laptop to a friend? Will you buy from Sony again?

I would definitely recommend this laptop again. It has provided me with durability and dependability throughout my college years and continues to do so. If you are not impressed by the speed or performance, upgrading the RAM manually can be done very easily and quite cheap as well.

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