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Studio 1735 Dell Laptop Review

What specs (memory, hard drive, etc.) did your laptop come with, if known?

Studio 1735, Intel Core 2 Duo T5850, 2.16GHz, 667Mhz, 2M L2 Cache

What are the best and worst things about your laptop?

The graphics are good, but I find that sometimes when playing games that require a better graphic card, I have trouble loading some graphics in the game. If a better graphics card was available for this laptop, I would have purchased it. The worst thing about this laptop is not the laptop itself, it's Dell's customer service. I had issues under warranty last year and it took nearly 5 months to get everything fixed.

How would you rate the keyboard, touchpad, and speakers?

The keyboard is great because it's full sized. The touchpad is also responsive and convenient. However, the speakers are fading and I find that when I unplug headphones, sound often does not come through the speakers. I'm not sure if this is a Vista or a laptop issue.

How would you rate your laptop's speed and performance?

Out of 10, I would give my laptop a 7.

Would you recommend this laptop to a friend? Will you buy from Dell again?

I would not recommend this laptop to a friend, and I am reconsidering buying from Dell again in the event I ever need a new laptop.

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