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Toshiba A300D-213

by Ivan Ilinic
(Kutina, Croatia)

Toshiba A300D-213

Toshiba A300D-213

I bought this Toshiba model a year ago in Croatia, it cost about 900$ which is equal to 685€ and since i have been satisfied with my Toshiba A300D-213. The first reason I bought it was that they offered 2 years guarantee and that was more than what other brands offered. And i am satisfied with "No matter what guarantee" and its program.

The model comes with AMD Turion X2 64 procesor that beats on 2.10GHz (per core and it has 2 cores) and has ATI based graphics. More precise its ATI Radeon HD 3650 graphics and what is more important is it's great performance. It can run any game on this laptop no matter what and in hihg resolution. Screen is LCD with average size, 15,6 cm diagonal, but is clear and has good visibility from corners.

What is more important this model has 320 GB hard disk with 3 GB RAM memory so its enough for all users, either pro's or novices. Model comes with 4xUSB spots which have "sleep" function and that means that USB is charging removable devices even when PC is off or hibernating, and that comes handy when you have to charge a cell-phone or mp3 device.

Other connections that A300D has are:
1xFireware connection, Lan cable connection S-video and VGA connection for other type of screens or projector devices.

A300D has a built-in WLAN which works great in combination with Toshiba software for connection.
What i really like with this model is that it combine price and performance altogether and the fact that it comes with pre-installed Windows Vista which works like a charm unlike other models. If someone is not satisfied with Wista, Toshiba and Microsoft offered transfer on Windows 7 OS which is free of cost.

Also Windows 7 OS looks brilliant on this laptop.

Major cons of this laptop are its overheating (which is thankfully rare) and its weight - almost 3 kilos.

Beside that its very good laptop and you may consider buying it if i have convinced you enough.

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