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Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527

by Kay N.
(Kapolei, HI)

Based on the price of the Toshiba and the specifications I thought it would be great for what we needed to do. Initially the laptop worked fine and it was great.

The screen size was great and the keyboard is compact. The navigation as you can imagine was easy.

The Toshiba itself though did not have the durability or longevity that I thought it would!

It is almost three years old now, but it’s slow and the machine needs to be replaced. We started experiencing difficulties with the Toshiba last year (2009). The software pre-installed has even started giving us a bit of trouble. We have decided that when we do replace the Toshiba Satellite that it will not be with another Toshiba.

The prices for the machines are attractive, but the technology does not seem to hold up. As I stated, in the beginning the machine was great. As time has gone on it just wares thin.

The laptop is very light weight and again the overall size is great and I love the compact keyboard.

I just wish that the hardware was better and that the longevity of the machine was better. The inputs and outputs are plentiful and the fact that when the screen is closed it locks is a great feature, especially because I have a 2 year old daughter who likes to play with everything.

I am very happy with the aesthetics and the actual physical machine. I just can’t seem to understand why they didn’t build a machine with better hardware, better longevity.

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