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Toshiba Satellite L10

by Mike
(Memphis, Tennessee, USA)

Toshiba Satellite L10 screen

Toshiba Satellite L10 screen

My Toshiba L10 has an intel pentium 1.6 GHz, 589Mhz processor. It also has 512MB DDR2 ram and 40GB, 5400 RPM Toshiba Hard-disk.

Using external hard-disks prevents Harddisk capacity being a handicap so 40GB can be seen very small-sized for an harddisk but not as important as processor performance from my side.

It has DVD-CD-rom combo with 24 reading and 12 writing speed for DVD. It has an INTEL(R) 82852 GM/GME 64MB graphic card which supports maximum 1024/768 pixel which is enough for me and normal supporting range for a laptop since it has a 15" monitor.

The specifications of my Toshiba L10 seems enough on paper but when it comes to using it, things changes pretty much. This good looking laptop gives headache when you want to do multiple things on it like open more than three or four explorer windows.

It has a normal design, not bad but not excellent. In my opinion Toshiba Satellite L10 has a middle design in its category. Not better than Sonny Vaios but not worst than MSI, Dell or ASUS's.

The worst thing about this laptop is that it's fan is always working because the cpu is always overheated which decreases its performence. It is a very slow computer considering the same laptops in the same price ratio. This laptop is coming with Microsoft XP and Office OneNote2003.

Keyboard, touchpad and the speakers are easy and comfortable to use, also the parts are reliable.

I would give 4 stars over five(4/5). The touchpad specifically is one of the bests I have used before. It is a small touchpad but with a small move of your finger you can reach exactly the place where you want on the screen.

Keyboard is smooth and soft. I also used MSI m510C which has a better performance as a laptop than Toshiba L10 but it has the worst keyboard and touchpad I've ever seen so in my opinion the touchpad and keyboard and other hardware are both important as performance of the computer.

I'll give two stars over five for the performance and speed(2/5) since when I open another explorer window fan starts working and cpu is getting hotter and computer is getting slower. I have been using this laptop for over 5 years and haven't had any technical problems. Not a single switch broken.

Finally, I wouldn't recommend this Laptop to anyone. It's extremely slow with a noisy fan working all the time.

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