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Toshiba Satellite L450-03D

Toshiba Satellite L450-03D screen

Toshiba Satellite L450-03D screen

I recently bought my Toshiba Satellite L450-03D to use as my personal computer, and to take notes with during university. I am in love with it!

It is small enough that it easily fits into my backpack along with my textbooks, but big enough that I don’t have any trouble seeing things on the screen.

It has a 500 GB hard drive which is more than I’ll ever need, and never runs slowly no matter how many programs I have open. Files download in seconds, and I never need to delete anything. I often use my laptop to edit pictures (which are kept on an external hard drive), and the picture quality on screen is much better than that of my previous desktop computer.

I didn’t like the touch-pad mouse to begin with, but I have since gotten more used to it than a regular mouse. The speakers are much higher quality than I had anticipated, and I watch videos and listen to music on my laptop all the time now. When my university professors are talking quickly, I can always keep up with my notes due to the smoothness of the keyboard (the keys never stick)! I have never had the battery die on me in a lecture either, even with full back-light on the screen.

I would definitely recommend Toshiba laptops to my friends, family, and fellow students, as I have had an amazing experience with my laptop. I will surely look for a Toshiba laptop for my next computer, due to their relatively inexpensive nature for a high quality computer. Toshiba is the way to go if you are a university student like me!

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