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Toshiba Satellite L455d - S5976 Model

by Amber Ramey
(Sumter, SC)

Toshiba Satellite L455d - S5976 Model

Toshiba Satellite L455d - S5976 Model

I originally purchased my Toshiba laptop for work about 1 year ago for the on-sale price of $300. When I first got the Toshiba I was impressed by the large wide screen screen format and quick response time I received when logging into my computer.

The operating system of my Toshia is Windows 7. I have never formatted it since obtaining it. As time progressed I have noticed some degraded performance, however. The CD Drive does not burn CDs well anymore and sometimes it never finishes burning the CD or produces errors.

The fan sometimes makes noise and the laptop seems to have some problems with venting its heat. It has become much slower then it was when I first bought it. I am over all pleased with my Toshiba laptop and would most likely purchase from the retailer again. The computer still functions quite well and its batter life is still top notch compared to other brands of Laptops that I have used in the past.

I purchased the Toshiba laptop over other brands of laptop initially because of the price. The laptop was on sale and I received quite a discount when purchasing it.

My laptop came with 2GB of ram and a 200GB hard drive, as well as Windows 7 32 Bit version installed.

The best thing about my laptop is that it still performs quite well and that its battery life is outstanding. The worst thing about my laptop is that it seems to have issues burning CDs and releasing heat.

The touchpad and keyboard of my laptop are outstanding, the speakers, however, are not very good and I personally prefer to use headphones whilst on my laptop.

My laptops speed performance started out superb and has gotten slower over time. However, it is still quite quick and responsive and I still enjoy using it.

Yes I would recommend the laptop to a friend, and I would buy Toshiba again.

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