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Toshiba Satellite P100-10P

by Stefan
(Bucharest, Romania)

Toshiba Satellite P100-10P

Toshiba Satellite P100-10P

Features: Intel Core2Duo T7200 Processor, 2GB RAM 800 MHz, 500GB Hard Drive 4200RPM, Nvidia Geforce 7600 discrete GPU with 512 MB RAM, 17' Anti-Gloss HD Screen.

The best thing about my laptop was the discreet Nvidia GPU which constituted the main reason for choosing this laptop. Back in 2006 when I bought it was the only laptop available in my country with a dedicated graphics system. I consider myself a gamer so I specifically wanted a machine that I could take with me to LAN Parties. The worst thing about it is the excruciatingly slow 4200 RPM Hard drive which has been slowing down the whole computer.

The keyboard is a nice full model including a NUMPAD. It has no flex and has performed flawlessly over the years making typing a real pleasure. The touchpad is, unfortunately, very small and, although responsive, it's a nightmare to use it. It's a shame Toshiba built such a huge machine and just stuck in one of those tiny netbook touchpads in there. The speakers are manufactured by Harman/Kardon and are one of the best sounding speakers I've ever seen on a notebook. The sound is rich with detail and music is especially pleasurable to listen to.

The overall performance of the laptop stands somewhere in the "above average" category mostly because of the really slow HDD. This machine was able to nicely run games like Left4Dead 2, Borderlands and Quake 4, but from an external USB2 HDD. Also worked great for video editing.

I have not experienced any technical issues or problems with this system, never even had to reinstall the operating system.

I would recommend this laptop to a friend but I'd advise them to always go for speedier HDDs. I might not buy the Toshiba brand again since there are lots of new manufacturers pushing powerful gaming systems at a more attractive price point.

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